Well, first, some congratulations and thanks. Because Juditha was so very, very wonderful, and we couldn’t have done it without a hell of a lot of hard graft, talent, blood, sweat and tears, generously donated by a whole bunch of wonderful people. The staff of All Saints Church Fulham (check it out, they filmed The Omen there – also, they’re very lovely), our incredible chorus and orchestra, stupendous soloists – Devonshire Partners for their financial aid, the glorious (and sympathetic) audience – friends, partners, family – thank you so, so much. Raise a glass, if you would, to doing it all over again.

On a Juditha related note: watch out for a highlights track – just edited, and coming to the website shortly.

Future events? We’re playing at Handel House Museum on February 3rd – a line-up of female Baroque composers – tickets are limited, so book well in advance. We’re going to be teaming up with an incredible performance artist, Spike McGarrity, to create a phantasmagorical cabaret show, and we’re expanding our repertoire of sacred music. Watch this space for news of a concert production of Francesca Caccini’s Ruggiero, scheduled for the end of 2011. Philip and I  are having a glorious time researching new music – things are taking a decidedly French turn – thank you, Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre.

And finally (and very much the most important piece of news) – HUGE congratulations to our Managing Director and lead soprano Rebecca – or, should we say, Mrs. Laurent?  A stunning wedding, and a wonderful couple – and, of course, a Handel aria for the ceremony. Perfection.